Global water use is already at 9 trillion cubic meters a year and this rate is expected to increase by approximately 60 billion cubic meters more per year, 99% of all water used the developed world is treated, generally with a Biocide/Disinfectant.


  • The Kleerboost system disinfects water by destroying harmful organisms by natural means. 
  • KleerBoost has been demonstrated to disinfect 65,000 gallons of water with just 35 Watts/H of electricity.
  • Kleerboost also strips water of iron, manganese, and sulfur by oxidizing them into insoluble compounds that can be removed by filtration
  • Kleerboost also produces a high electronegativity that attacks calcium scale dissolving the calcium carbonate and mineral ions into suspension.

The global market for biocides is rapidly expanding, and will be worth $10B by 2016. With growing population and increasing concern regarding industrial wastewater, the demand for biocides has been increasing in households as well as the industrial sector. However, stringent environmental regulations regarding use of these biocides are hindering and will increasingly hinder the market growth. The existing solutions are complex, expensive and require the handling and polluting of dangerous toxic chemicals. KleerBoost delivers a cost-effective, reliable, safe, long-term operation maintenance solution. KleerBoost is the new no-headache green solution for the continuous injection of natural biocide oxidizers.

Global Natural Biocide Markets

Based on their usage, biocides are classified into four major groups which are further classified into over 20 different biocidal products. Generally, biocides are classified according to groups of arsenic derivatives, metal derivatives, halogen and aromatic derivatives, sulfur derivatives, thiazines and thiazolinones, nitrogen derivatives and some miscellaneous groups.

 Biocides, owing to their nature of usage come under the scrutiny of various environmental laws meant for the protection of biodiversity and other laws concerned with human health and environment as whose compliance are different in different countries as per the regulations implied by governing bodies like EPA in the U.S. and European Commission in Europe.

Presently, chlorine and iodine based Biocides are the most widely used across the industry. Other raw materials used in the manufacturing of biocides are ozone, acrolein, amines, chlorinated phenolics, copper salts, organo-sulfur compounds and quaternary ammonium salts.

The global market for biocides is largely driven by the increasing demand of water with the ever-increasing global population. However, the growing environmental and regulatory concerns with regards to the use of bromine and chlorine are expected to hamper the growth of the market over the near future.

The industry application segments for biocides include water treatment, food and beverage, personal care, wood preservation and paints and coatings. Other application segments such as fibers, pulp and paper, pest control and plastics are potential vertical markets. Water treatment is the largest application of biocide and accounts for over 25% of global revenue. Water treatment has been experiencing continuous growing demand due to increase in spas and pools. In addition, the growing industrialization has increased the demand for waste water treatment which is expected to augment the demand for natural biocides.

The Biocide Market Players

Global biocides market share is moderately concentrated with top three participants accounting for over 45% of total demand - Arch Chemicals, a Lonza Business, is one of the leading players, with over 15% share.

Other major players include ISP, Dow Microbial Control, Troy Corporation, Thor Specialties, Lanxess, BASF, Lubrizol and Clariant. Companies require significant amount of investment at the start up stage due to stringent government regulations regarding testing and labeling of these products before and after placing it in the market. This is expected to discourage entry of new players over the near future.

KleerBoost – A New Green Natural Biocide

Comparing the American Chemical Society & Environmental Protection Agency & UNESCO Twelve Principals of Green Chemistry with KleerBoost technology, we find the following:

1. Prevent waste rather than treating it or cleaning it up.
The KleerBoost makes an effective Natural Biocide on-site, as needed, from components present in the air and water with no added chemicals or waste products.
2. Incorporate all materials used in the manufacturing process in the final product.
The Natural Biocide continuous production and injection is very effective with no excess materials for disposal.
3. Use synthetic methods that generate substances with little or no toxicity to people or the environment.
Following generation, the KleerBoost Natural Biocide rapidly converts back to a low dosage of Oxygen and Water
4. Design chemical products to be effective, but reduce toxicity.
The KleerBoost Natural Biocide rapidly converts back to a low dosage of Oxygen and Water.
5. Phase out solvents and auxiliary substances when possible.
No solvents or auxiliary substances are used in the production or use of Natural Biocides produced by the KleerBoost technology.                                                                                    6. Use energy efficient processes, at ambient temperature and pressure, to reduce costs and environmental impacts.
The KleerBoost process operates at ambient temperature and pressure.
7. Use renewable raw materials for feedstocks.
Kleerboost produces a Natural Biocide directly from the elements of water and air.
8. Reuse chemical intermediates and blocking agents to reduce or eliminate waste.
No other chemicals are used in the KleerBoost technology.
9. Select catalysts that carry out a single reaction many times instead of less efficient reagents.
KleerBoost technology is electromagnetic, no catalysts are used.
10. Use chemicals that readily break down into innocuous substances in the environment.
The Natural Biocide produced by the KleerBoost readily converts back to a low dosage of Oxygen and Water
11. Develop better analytical techniques for real time monitoring to reduce hazardous substances.
Generation of Natural Biocides by the KleerBoost systems can be controlled in real time by via the remote monitoring and control app.                                                                      12. Use chemicals with low risk for accidents, explosions, and fires.
The KleerBoost systems, presents no hazard of accident, explosion, or fire. The low dosage of Hydrogen Peroxide is dissolved in the treated water and acts as a residual harmless Natural Biocide, until that is broken down to Oxygen and Water.

What is KleerBoost?

The KleerBoost system is a patent pending invention that facilitates the on-site continuous production of oxidizer intensive natural biocide gas to continuously oxidize and disinfect waters. The oxidizers are produced from the elements of air and water, and are injected continuously, causing consistent oxidative mineralization of organic materials in polluted waters. 

KleerBoost delivers a cost-effective, reliable, long-term operation natural biocide solution. This new technology directs a controlled pressurized air flow dramatically altering the electronegativity oxidation pathways. The process affects the biochemical and/or biophysical processes at the atomic level affecting chemical bonds between adjacent molecules and alters energy levels and spin orientation of electrons. This contributes to an increase in the activity, concentration, and lifetime of electronegative oxidizers in the air. The system then feeds the oxidizer intensive air, via a venturi and or compression pump and membrane diffusers, into the water system. The venturi and/or membrane diffusers provide extremely efficient gas-into-liquid transfer, to disinfect the water.

Kleerboost hereby delivers a consistent, reliable, high-efficiency oxidizing natural biocide into the water, with a level of flexibility previously unknown in water treatment. This system replaces the need for chemical biocides in many applications. Chemical biocides, both in pure or diluted form, can pose several risks, and needs to be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and away from any flammable or combustible substances.  The automatic production and injection of the oxidizers further avoids any handling of chemical biocide which would carry its own risks of avoiding contact with eyes or skin.